Trooper of the Month

The Trooper of the Month / Year program recognizes the actions of our members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty for the sake of charity or the welfare of the Legion.

Trooper of the Year
Year Member Name Legion ID
2008 Eric Seeman TK4619
2008 Barry Benecke II TK0523
Trooper of the Month
Month-Year Member Name Legion ID
May 2010 Bernard Cocchin TK-3368
April 2010 Ole Petter Willassen TK-7060
March 2010 Fredrik Voisey TK-3843
February 2010 Nicky Blum TK-8397
January 2010 Darren Bell TK-8062
December 2009 Scott Magerfleisch TK-4149
November 2009 Mike Clark TK-9495
October 2009 Jennifer Natschow TK-2542
September 2009 Regina Layug TB-1870
August 2009 Mike Brunco IC-7796
July 2009 Brita Capell SL-7998
June 2009 Joerg Aberle TK-3172
May 2009 Paul Rocca TK-4461
May 2009 Pascal Rocca TK-1354
April 2009 Jason Romanoff TK-9141
April 2009 Scott Kern TK-3221
March 2009 Cheryl Whitaker TB-3127
February 2009 Fernando Modesto TK-9678
January 2009 Barry Benecke TK-523
December 2008 Dan Patterson TK-787
November 2008 Walfrido Contreras TI-7242
October 2008 Giacomo Persi Paoli SL-8005
September 2008 Andy Escobar TD-6372
August 2008 Phyllis Schulte TK-1951
July 2008 Takefumi Tenshima TK-6904
June 2008 Marie Rankin ID-2848
May 2008 Tina Reutter SL-1460
April 2008 Sven Aberle BH-3173
March 2008 Glenn Tamboia TK-1128
February 2008 Bernard Cocchi TK-3368
January 2008 Dean Plantamura TK-899
December 2007 Sheldon Ewers TK-192
November 2007 Darren Blum TK-8399
October 2007 Roy Waung TD-1668
September 2007 Michael Ziemer TB-5513
August 2007 Angela Mash BH-3330
July 2007 Lesley Farquhar TR-3774
June 2007
Ryan Sachse TD-5779
Andrew Parmet TK-5918
May 2007 Jay Shimko BH-130
April 2007 Alberto Zanandrea TD-1341
March 2007 Rich Markle TK-1781
February 2007 Marika Metz TK-5166
January 2007 Tom Schaefer TK-118
December 2006 Nikki Miyamoto TK-5253
November 2006 Rob Roidt TK-321
October 2006 RJ Armbruster TK-8303
September 2006 Angela Mash BH-3330
August 2006 Scott Will TK-408
July 2006 Tony Piccolo TK-8702
June 2006 Lisa Pantaleo TR-6517
February 2006 Lori Sartre ID-1123
January 2006 Michael Herok TK-1410
December 2005 Mark Chu Lin TB-053
November 2005 Wayne Lancaster TI-350
September 2005 Yasuyuki Sato TD-107
August 2005 Guillermo Besada Pena TK-3503
July 2005 Jacques Languedoc TB-9966
June 2005 Britt Dietz BH-1941
May 2005 Janine Garner ID-7451
April 2005 Scott Will TK-408
March 2005 Damien Metz SL-6666
February 2005 Leon Clarance TK-545
January 2005 Albin Johnson TK-210
December 2004 John Harris TK-5528
November 2004 Mike Phelps TI-3158
October 2004 Kathy Johnson TK-1079
September 2004 Thomas Spanos SL-1876
August 2004 Brett Dennis TK-229
July 2004 Stefan Cembolista BH-978
June 2004 Kathy Van Beuningen TK-9989
May 2004 Graham Campbell TK-1507
April 2004 Dean Plantamura TK-899
March 2004 Jeff Yankey TD-095
February 2004 Sam Dix TK-151
January 2004 Dave Washer TK-193
December 2003 Rich Kopacz TK-1174
November 2003 Leon Clarance TK-545
October 2003 John Orndorff TK-680
August 2003 Pascal Biondi TK-269
July 2003 Jasmine Anderson ID-2381
June 2003 Spat Oktan TK-1001
May 2003 Joyce Young TB-9449
April 2003 John Fuld TK-330
March 2003 Jerry Jones TK-214
February 2003 Jeff Romanoff TK-076
January 2003 Jereomy Faber TK-1672
December 2002 Joey Beck TK-152
November 2002 Kevin O'Connor TD-013
October 2002 Bob Gouveia BH-1171
September 2002 Sean Dudley TK-3306
August 2002 Mike Washko TK-895
July 2002 Dion Rupa TK-1217
May 2002 Chris Albright TK-008
April 2002 Tom Young TK-370
March 2002 Cheralyn Lambeth TB-976
March 2002 Cricket Bauer TK-813
February 2002 John Duffy TK-737
February 2002 Tim Phillips TK-114
January 2002 Steve Yount TK-725
December 2001 Tim Knapp TK-1066
November 2001 Steve Squire TK-502
September 2001 James T. Smith TK-271
August 2001 Lynn Perry TK-5150
July 2001 Joe Selle TK-171
June 2001 Lionel Smith TK-999
May 2001 Oliver Guenther TK-742
April 2001 Vinicius Ayres TK-194
March 2001 Kevin Zabawa SL-1313
February 2001 Jeff Yankey TR-095
January 2001 Mathew Clayson TK-930
April 2000 RJ Held TK-666
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