Endorsements and Testimonials

“We consider the members of the 501st part of the extended Lucasfilm family. They have fun and share a sense of community, while at the same time bringing joy to a lot of people.”

—Steve Sansweet, Lucasfilm Content Manager and Head of Fan Relations

“We have gotten a great response—the kids and adults love it. When people come up to see (the 501st), they are more likely to donate something. We hope this is the start of something we can do every year.”

—Capt. Michael Halverson of the Salvation Army, Ft. Collins, CO

“It’s inspiring how the members of the 501st will step up when called upon, no matter how grand or humble the need…this group can be counted upon to do their best.”

—Mary Franklin, Lucasfilm Events Manager

“...completely overwhelming and awesome!”

—Ruby Jaby, Library Branch Manager, Crofton, MD

"Your group added a level of interest and excitement that could not have been duplicated. From posing with our customers, waving at passing traffic to simply 'looking really cool,' the Garrison members were a big hit. I am delighted with the results of the entire event, and would highly recommend future partnerships with your troops in the future."

Justin Twergo, General Manager, Gateway Sacramento

"ASK was very pleased with your involvement in our annual picnic and to say that the children were thrilled would be an understatemnet. Your group added so much to a very festive day for these special children who need happy diversions from their serious cancer problems. Hopefully this is the beginning of a long-term relationship with the 501st Legion in our effort to help the children, as your influence on them is both entertaining and positive."

Anne Buckly Kurz, PR Chair, ASK Board of Directors

"Your time spent with the children brought many smiles to their faces. One boy in particular was so excited by your visit because he was unable to go to Comic-Con due to his recent hospitalization. Your visit really made a difference to him and to the many other children with whom you interacted."

Heather Ott, Corporate Development Coordinator, Children's Hospital Foundation

"Children in the hospital are often not feeling well and are left out of community activities. Your group's visit made their hospital stay more exciting. Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you in the future!"

Tracy Dahl, Child Life Program, Sutter Memorial Hospital Children's Hospital Foundation

"[The 501st's] authentic costuming and demeanor enhanced our opening ceremony and provided great entertainment for our crowd throughout the evening. I would recommend their participation in any venue. Their ability to work with people, interact with the crowd, and perform professionally makes them a wonderful group."

Mark Douglas, Assistant Principal, Rocklin High School

"Your diligence and the entire group's professionalism helped our theatre rank #4 out of 55 IMAX theatres nationwide, opening weekend. In our effort to create an entire immersive environment for our guests, the 501st proved invaluable."

Doug Link, Theatre Director, Esquire IMAX Theatre

"I love the 501st. I think they're great...it's an amazing thing. They need the 501st band...you know, marching band."

George Lucas, Writer/Director/Creator of Star Wars

"All of the costumed people and support staff were great. You showed up on time, were dressed on time and never broke character, which was very important to us. All of your costumes were fantastic and we certainly appreciated how much time and effort you took to make them authentic. The Stormtroopers really went above and beyond, mingling with crowd and even writing phony citations. There were so many of you who volunteered your time for us and we are forever in your debt."

Jason Zlatkus, Cryptoys.com/Collector Quest

"One group stands out in everyone’s opinion as the difference maker in our event—The 501st! Their love for Star Wars was infectious, which created an energy and authenticity otherwise reserved for the big screen. Simply put, they brought Star Wars to life at Wal-Mart locations across the nation! It was clear they made the biggest impact on the younger generation of fans. I heard report after report about families with young children who did not want to leave the tent because they were so amazed that an actual Star Wars character was at their store (at their local neighborhood store!!). Many of the children were even too young to know what Star Wars is all about, but the 501st changed that and I can guarantee you they have touched the imagination of these youngsters and created a whole new audience.

Doug Dunkin, Director of Event Operations, U.S. Marketing & Promotions

"Stormtroopers bring a little panache to any social occasion...They are a terrific group of people, and when I say Star Wars fans are nice people, the 501st takes that to another level."

—Timothy Zahn, Hugo Award-winning Author

"You guys made it all worthwhile...I especially want to extend a huge thank you to all the fine members of the 501st Legion who joined me on a number of tour dates dressed in their finest Star Wars regalia. The funny thing is, every single one of those stormtroopers acted like I was doing them the biggest favor in the world by letting them perform on stage with me, when in fact the exact opposite was true."

—"Weird Al" Yankovic, Grammy-winning Recording Artist

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