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Return of the Jedi Biker Scout

Model: TB-4468, Photo by: Michelle Chan

Pathfinder Detachment

Description: Biker Scout/Scout Trooper
Prefix: TB
Detachment: Pathfinder Detachment
Context: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
Trained to operate in all conditions, Scout Troopers are the Imperial Army's advance eyes in any situation. Sometimes called Biker Scouts for their primary method of transport, the Aratech 74-Z Speeder Bike, Scouts have been deployed in theaters ranging from the sub-freezing temperatures of Hoth to the temperate climates of the moon of Endor.

Costume components:

Scout Helmet

1. Helmet: The Biker Scout helmet may be gloss white, semi-gloss, or lightly weathered. Licensed helmets are acceptable with modifications: remove the manufacturer logo, replace stock lens, replace inaccurate "fish-hook" logo, replace stock bolts with flat-disc "elevator" bolts and replace inaccurate aerator. Fan-made helmets are acceptable as long as they remain true to shape of original screen accurate helmet.


2. Balaclava: The balaclava is a black head sock/hood that is worn under the helmet and is used primarily to hide any view of the wearer's skin and/or facial hair. The balaclava should be tucked into the neck of the undersuit.

Shoulder Bells

3. Shoulders: The shoulder (bells) armor may be gloss white, semi-gloss, or lightly weathered. They do not have any adornment.

Bicep Armor

4. Upper Arms: The upper arm/bicep armor may be gloss white, semi-gloss or lightly weathered. They should have a recessed area with a "t-bit" detail attached within. Black elastic is used to secure the armor around upper arm.

Forearm Armor

5. Forearms: The forearm armor may be gloss white, semi-gloss or lightly weathered. Black elastic is used to secure the armor around forearm.


6. Gloves: The gloves are black leather and gauntlet length. There should be no labels/logos visible as well as no clips or external straps.

Chest Armor

7. Chest: The chest armor may be gloss white, semi-gloss or weathered. There is a recessed rectangular area present over the right breast that is painted a medium to dark gray. The chest armor and back plate should be joined together over the shoulder and the gap covered with a loop of white fabric. The sides of the chest armor are attached to the back plate by white elastic.

Back Armor

8. Back: The back armor may be gloss white, semi-gloss or weathered. The back plate has a tank attached. The top of the tank is flat with a detail piece painted black. The tank has a black stripe detail. Scouts may have additional "rank indicators" that are present on the right side of the tank and can number anywhere from 0 to 6 stripes.


9. Undersuit: The undersuit is a one or two-piece black textile suit, such as military flightsuits, motorcycle racing suits, industrial work clothing (Dickies), or similar suit. Suit should not have any visible labels or logos or zippers.

Cummerbund and Pouches

10. Cummerbund: The cummerbund may be white or lightly weathered. The cummerbund is made out of cotton fabric and closes in back. The cummerbund should sit from just under the chest armor down to the waist. There should be no gap between the belt and cummerbund. The cummerbund has a tapered crotch made from the same material and sits between the legs and connects to the back of the cummerbund by a black strap. The cummerbund has 6 ribs of equal width stitched into the front, where two fabric pouches are connected.


11. Belt: The belt may be gloss white, semi-gloss or lightly weathered. The front and two "boxes" of the belt are made out of plastic. The rest of the belt that fastens at the back of the waist is made out a textile material. The back of the belt has a rectangular box with short hose for the thermal detonator. Hanging from the sides of the belt are hip boxes, also made out of plastic. These are connected to the belt by textile straps.

Knee Armor

12. Knees: The knee armor may be gloss white, semi-gloss or lightly weathered. Black elastic is used to secure the armor around the leg.

Ewok Stompers

13. Boots: The boots may be white or lightly weathered. The soles of the boot should be tan while the rest of the boot should be white. There is a strap that covers the bridge of the foot. The calf should come up just slightly underneath the bottom of the knee armor.

Boot Holster

14. Holster: The boot holster may be gloss white, semi-gloss or lightly weathered. The holster is attached to the outside right side of the right boot by rivets, not straps. The blaster pistol should fit in the holster.

Costume Accessories:

Holdout Blaster

15. Hold-out Blaster: The holdout blaster may be flat black, semi-gloss or slightly weathered. The pistol should not have any visible trigger, labels or logos.

Holdout Blaster

16. BlasTech DLT-19 Heavy Blaster Rifle: Optional sniper firearm as seen in Star Wars Battlefront. Based on a real or replica MG-34 machine gun. A DTL-19 is a MG-34 with T-racks on the barrel, ejection port cover added, and a small disk on left side.

*Some costumes sold as licensed costumes may require modifications for approval into the 501st Legion. Please see the Pathfinder Detachment for rules on modification of these costumes.

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